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Larry  Cox

Larry is a native of Louisville and began his hairdressing career in 2006. At that time he wanted a more creative and people-oriented career. He was fortunate enough to join David, his husband, and the Twisted staff right out of training. Since then, he has enjoyed much success along with David and the other members of the team. He became co-owner in 2012. He continues establishing Twisted as the best boutique-style salon in the Louisville area by offering high-quality services and products to Twisted clients and top-notch training to the Twisted staff.

He believes that constant education in all aspects of the hairdressing industry is key to success. He has advanced training at New York City's Bumble & Bumble University in hair cutting, styling, color and business. Also, he has trained at Vidal Sassoon in Chicago. Developing his eye for what works for the individual is one of his favorite aspects of the job.

He is dedicated to giving the members of the Twisted staff the best training in the industry. He encourages their skill and creativity through training opportunities and takes pride in both their individual and team accomplishments.



Larry Cox
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